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Wakeboarding General Training Principles – Progression

This is the third installment in a 3 part series.  This series will cover the 3 general training principles that apply to any type of training program – specificity, overload, progression.

Progression – Strategy of advancing exercise loads so that improvements will continue over time.

When progression is applied properly it will promote long-term training benefits.  While it is customary to focus only on the load that is lifted, training intensity can be progressively increased by raising the number of weekly training sessions, adding more drills or exercises to each session, change the type or difficulty of the drills or exercises, or increasing the training stimulus.

Progression should be based on the athlete’s training status and is introduced systematically and gradually.

In order to improve your wakeboarding, you should gradually progress from basic exercises to more complex and challenging exercises.

An example of this would be performing an exercise on a stable surface and then as your strength increases and you get a good strength base, progress to performing the exercise on an unstable surface.

A couple of sample exercise progressions would be:

-Dumbbell bench press -> Dumbbell stability ball bench press

-Dumbbell row (on a bench) -> Dumbbell row (1 hand on a stability ball)

After building up a solid strength base, be sure to progress to new and more challenging exercises in order to improve your wakeboarding.

Roger Ernst II, CSCS

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