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You Eat More Than You Think

Here is the latest fitness newsletter that was sent to my boot camp and personal training clients the other day.

The Top 5 Ways You Eat Too Much

Each day you make well over 200 decisions about food, according to Brian Wansink, PH.D. in his book, Mindless Eating. Your weight is the sum total of your past food decisions.

According to Wansink, overeating can be greatly reduced simply by removing the cues in your environment that cause you to overeat. He goes on to explain the top 5 Diet Danger Zones and the solutions for each:

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How do you see it?

Here is the latest version of my fitness newsletter that was just sent out to my boot camp and personal training clients.  Hope you enjoy it.

Mountain or Molehill?

So you have a weight problem.

Pounds have added up over the years, slowly accumulating on your hips, thighs and belly.

When you look in the mirror you don’t like what you see. Yet you feel stuck.

You’re stuck because…

  • You’ve gained too much weight to ever lose it all.
  • You’re too old to make a change.
  • You’d be lost in a gym.
  • You simply don’t know where to start.

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Sip Your Way to a Flat Belly!

A couple of weeks ago one of my boot campers was asking me about soda, tea, and other calorie containing beverages.  I stumbled across this article the other day and shared it with all of my boot campers, so I thought I would share it with you as well.

Sip Your Way to a Flat Belly!

By David Zinczenko

There is a potion that magically strips away pounds from your body, improves your overall health, lengthens your life, makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, and keeps you lean forever. Even better, you can have as much of this magic weight-loss potion as you want, for free, and start stripping away pounds—perhaps even several dozen pounds this year alone—without exercise, without dieting, without visiting the set of Nip/Tuck.Drink This, Not That! and begin your no diet weight-loss goals today. You’ll sip your way to a flat belly in record time–and keep it well beyond summer.What is this magical elixir? It’s water.

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The Chocolate Milk Diet

The other day during one of my boot camps a couple of clients were asking me what they should be eating/drinking, before, during, and after a workout.  When I mentioned chocolate milk to them, no one seemed to believe me.  When I got home later on and went to check my email, a news feed popped up with this article about chocolate milk…

Imagine if everything you needed to know about weight loss, you learned in kindergarten. Well, if your teacher gave you chocolate milk as a lunchtime treat, she was (unknowingly) giving you one of the most powerful weight-loss tools in the nutritional universe. Turns out this childhood staple may be the ideal vehicle for your body’s most neglected nutritional needs. Each bottle delivers a package of micro- and macronutrients that can help you shake off body flab and replace it with firm muscle. And when you served it ice-cold, the creamy sweetness flows across your tongue with all the pleasure of a milk shake. Yum.

That’s the crux of what I’m calling “The Chocolate Milk Diet,” which isn’t a diet at all. It’s essentially three eight-ounce servings of chocolate milk consumed at key points throughout your day: one when you wake up, a second before you exercise, and a third directly after your workout. Or, if it’s your day off, just pattern them for morning, afternoon, and night. Sounds good, right? It is, and that’s why it’s so easy. But is this a free ticket to eat as much fried chicken as you want throughout the rest of the day? Unfortunately not, but alongside a healthy diet, it can help you drop lots of belly fat fast. Here are the four reasons why:

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